• Gary Dixon, Chairman
  • Mat Raymond, Jr., Vice-Chairman
  • Mike Capps, Member
  • Cynthia Waun, Member
  • Teresa Latham, Member
  • Paul Buchanan, Onslow County Board of Commissioners  Liaison

The Onslow County ABC Board is comprised of five board members appointed by the Onslow County Board of Commissioners. Board members are appointed to serve on the Onslow County ABC Board for terms of three years and can serve for three consecutive terms. The Onslow County ABC Board employs a full-time system administrator who oversees the daily operations of the ABC system in Onslow County. The Onslow County ABC Board meets monthly to provide oversight and to discuss issues related to the operation of the six ABC stores in Onslow County.

Chapter 18-B of the North Carolina General Statutes is intended to establish a uniform system of control over the sale, purchase, transportation, manufacture, consumption, and possession of alcoholic beverages in our state, and to provide procedures to insure the proper administration of the ABC laws under a uniform system throughout North Carolina. Also, Title 4, Chapter 2 of the North Carolina Administrative Code provides additional regulations and control of alcoholic beverages to serve the public welfare. It is the objective of the North Carolina ABC Commission and the Onslow County ABC Board to conform to that purpose at all times.